Friday 19 September 2008

Living it up in the smoke..

I got talking to a couple of fella's on the train a few weeks ago. We were discussing the merits of finding a good hotel in London for pretty cheap, they were self employed, and I'm tight with the company's money! Now, I have stayed in London a few times, and have to say that it is usually a not very nice experience - lots of traffic noise, not great customer service, and hotels that are missing an 's' before the 't'.

One of these chaps suggested using which I had heard of, divulging that they had had some great deals with 5* hotels for not a lot of dosh. I've been playing about tonight, trying to suss out a good hotel (a bit luxurious if I'm not in my own bed, and away from my family) that is handy for Euston station, University of London and Westminister Abbey that looks relatively safe for a lone female traveller. Having spent 2 hours faffing about, I'm still no better off, and am wondering if being conscientious really is worth it.

My payoff - should there be one, will be that I'll get a good expensive hotel, for a decent acceptable price for the company. So, my question to you is - Do you know the way to San Jose?, sorry - wrong question - Any good hotels in London near Euston??

p.s. I could crash at friends, but after a day's business meeting will really just want to chill and watch telly, and not make much effort to be sociable!


  1. It's rubbish isn't it? I have this problem every single time I have to go to London for work, and the prices are always shocking. I've stayed here a couple of times though. Not exactly 5 star, but close to Euston/Russell Sq and comfy :-).

  2. Thanks Lisa C,

    It looks great and I've made my first booking!